Geriatric Emergency Medicine

Dr. Don Melady


2017 has been quite the year for Dr. Don Melady, our Geriatric Lead at SREMI. Dr. Melady is the Founder and Director of Canada’s first geriatric emergency medicine (GEM) fellowship.
Dr. Audrey-Anne Brousseau
was the inaugural fellow, graduating from the program in June 2017. Her research project on a frailty assessment strategy in the emergency department (ED) was one of the top three research abstracts at CAEP 2017, and was also awarded the top research abstract at the Global Acute Care Excellence Forum 2017 in Brisbane, Australia.

The GEM fellowship continues this year with Dr. Brittany Ellis from University of Ottawa. She is using her background in policy and advocacy to support Dr. Melady in creating an international policy framework on minimum standards for care of older people in the ED through the International Federation of EM (IFEM); and in implementing an innovative volunteer program to support older patients in Mount Sinai Hospital’s ED. There is one national candidate confirmed for next year’s fellowship and several international candidates in the application process.


Dr. Melady continues to be involved with the Hartfor d and West Health supported Geriatric ED Collaborative, an interdisciplinary team committed to implementing and r esearching the implementation of Geriatric ED Guidelines in nine American health car e systems. Dr. Melady has been involved in cr eating half-day workshops at both the Society of Academic EM and the Emergency Nurses Association, as well as on-site developmental work with the Aurora Health System, Milwaukee; Northwestern University, Chicago; and the University of Chicago. These activities include education for inter disciplinary staff, quality improvement project implementation, capacity development with hospital executives, as well as developing a r esearch network. W ith Dr. Adam Perry, he led the delivery of six workshops at InnovatED at ACEP 2017, to disseminate innovat ive models of geriatric ED car e. The Canadian version of this pr oject, the Senior-friendly ED Course, will be a full-day pr e-conference course at CAEP 2018 in Calgary in May.


The American College of Emergency Physicians has launched a three-level accreditation process for geriatric EDs. Dr. Melady
is a member of the ten-person board of governors for this project and helped develop the criteria as well as the online process
for accreditation. This initiative was announced at ACEP 2017 and will be ready to consider its first applicants in January
2018. This has been received as a significant transformation in the area of Geriatric EM, with the American Board of EM now
expressing interest in developing a sub-specialty certification process in Geriatric EM.

In his capacity as chair of the IFEM Geri EM Special Interest Group, Dr. Melady coordinated the geriatric content at the Inter-
American EM conference, attended by 1500 Latin American emergency physicians. In October, Dr. Melady was invited to be
the keynote speaker for the Hong Kong College of EM annual conference which was entirely focused on geriatric care. At
the October meeting of IFEM in Washington, the Board approved a statement written by a working group which Dr. Melady
chaired on International Minimum Standards for Care of Older ED Patients. Planning is underway for a half-day of didactic
content on geriatric EM at ICEM 2018 in Mexico City.

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