Geriatric Emergency Medicine

Dr. Don Melady

As the Geriatric Emergency Medicine Lead at SREMI, Dr. Don Melady has continued to foster activities in knowledge translation, quality improvement, education, and research at the local, national, and international level.  

Dr. Melady is the Director of Canada’s first clinical fellowship in geriatric emergency medicine (GEM). In 2017-18, there were two GEM fellows, Dr. Brittany Ellis (University of Ottawa) and Dr. Alice Gray (University of Toronto.) Both made significant contributions in several areas:

  • Dr. Ellis helped introduce a volunteer engagement program to have specially trained volunteers supporting our older emergency department patients locally at Mount Sinai Hospital.
  • Drs. Ellis and Melady led a project to develop a policy statement for the International Federation of Emergency Medicine, which was adopted by the Board in October 2017. Dr. Ellis presented this work at ICEM 2018 in Mexico City and also at CAEP 2018 in Calgary.
  • Dr. Gray designed and implemented a well-received GEM simulation module for resident education. 

There are two fellows in the program this academic year, Dr. Savannah Forrester (Queen’s University) and Dr. Christopher Skappak (McMaster University), with another two exceptional fellows confirmed for next year.  

Don MeladyDr. Melady continues as one of the nine leads in the US-based Geriatric ED Collaborative, which is a project to disseminate the Geri ED Guidelines and support implementation of quality improvement projects around the US. In June, the John A. Hartford Foundation and the West Health Foundation announced three more years of funding for this project with a 3.8 million USD grant and a goal to involve 100 more hospitals over the next phase. There are multiple components to this collaborative, including a major research initiative led by SREMI’s IAB Chair, Dr. Chris Carpenter. Dr. Melady is leading two components of the dissemination and education strategy, the creation of a multi-purpose website and presenting up to ten one-day Geri ED Courses across the country. 
Don MeladyDon MeladyAs Chair of the Geri EM Committee at the International Federation of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Melady has been active as a speaker and consultant around the world, including:
  • Key note speaker at the Hong Kong College of EM annual conference 
  • Key note speaker and advisor to the American National Academy of Neuropsychology consensus conference to develop guidelines for screening and assessment of cognitive impairment in the ED
  • Key note speaker for the Chilean National Conference on integrated care of older adults
  • Key note speaker at the Emergency Medicine Association of Trinidad conference
  • Presenter at the EurAsian Association of EM conference in Antalya Turkey
  • Organizer and speaker at the first Geri EM conference for the Emergency Medicine Association of Thailand.  
  • Coordinator of the Geriatric EM tracks at ICEM 2018 in Mexico City
  • Course director for the Senior-friendly ED Course presented in conjunction with CAEP 2018 in Calgary
  • Invited speaker at University of Ottawa and the Mayo Clinic

Dr. Melady would like to thank Ms. Penny Rubinoff for her generous support towards the Geriatric Emergency Medicine Program at SREMI.