Geriatric Emergency Medicine

Dr. Don Melady

Dr. Don Melady continues to lead the Geriatric Emergency Medicine activities at SREMI. He is active at the local, national, and international levels in knowledge translation, quality improvement, education, and research.  

SREMI’s clinical fellowship in geriatric emergency medicine (Geri EM) continues to attract high-quality trainees. In 2018-19, there were two Geri EM fellows, Dr. Savannah Forrester (Queen’s University) and Dr. Chris Skappak (McMaster University.) Aside from their clinical activities, Dr. Forrester completed a national-level qualitative research project looking at clinical expertise in Geri EM; and Dr. Skappak expanded his doctoral research in metabolomics to the geriatric field, with a CIHR proposal in collaboration with Dr. Jacques Lee. Dr. Forrester received a prestigious clinical award from the Department of Geriatric Medicine, and Dr. Skappak won the CAEP Grizzly Den Award.  

Two more fellows are in place for this academic year, Dr. Rebecca Schonnop (University of Alberta) and Dr. Lorraine Lau (University of Toronto). For the next academic year (2020-2021), offers have been made to two international applicants from Singapore and Australia.  

Dr. Melady continues as one of the leads in the US-based Geriatric ED Collaborative, which is a project to disseminate the Geri ED Guidelines and support implementation of quality improvement projects around the US. This project, supported by the John A. Hartford Foundation and the West Health Foundation with funding of 3.8 million USD, targets the dissemination and implementation of new geriatric ED models of care in more than 100 American hospitals over the grant period. There are multiple components to this collaborative, including a major research initiative led by SREMI’s IAB Chair, Dr. Chris Carpenter. 

Don MeladyDr. Melady is leading two components of the dissemination and education strategy; the creation of a multi-purpose website and presenting up to ten one-day Geri ED Courses across the country including Milwaukee, Mayo Clinic, University of California San Diego, and the Veterans Administration. 
Don MeladyDr. Melady continues as Chair of the Geri EM Committee at both the International Federation of Emergency Medicine and the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians. He has been active as a speaker and consultant around the world, including:
Don MeladyAs Chair of the Geri EM Committee at the International Federation of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Melady has been active as a speaker and consultant around the world, including:
  • Presenter at the EurAsian Association of EM conference in
    Antalya Turkey
  • “Hot Topic” invited guest by the European Union Society of
    Emergency Medicine in Prague
  • Keynote speaker at the annual conference of the University of the
    West Indies
  • Organizer and speaker at the first Geri EM conference for the
    Emergency Medicine Association of Thailand
  • Advisor and course director for geriatric EM development in
    RedSalud health system in Chile
  • Coordinator of the Geriatric EM tracks at ICEM 2019 in Seoul
  • Co-director (with former SREMI fellow, Dr. Audrey-Anne
    Brousseau) of a CAEP pre-conference course in Geri EM at CAEP
    2019 in Halifax
  • Visiting Scholar for the University of Calgary Department of
  • Grand Rounds at Mount Sinai School of Medicine Department of Geriatrics in New York City

Dr. Melady would like to thank Ms. Penny Rubinoff and William and Cathy Graham for their generous support towards the Geriatric Emergency Medicine Program at SREMI.