Message from the Executive Liaison Committee

Dr. Howard Ovens (Mount Sinai Hospital) and Dr. Kevin Katz (North York General Hospital)

Executive Liaison CommitteeWe are glad to report that SREMI has had another strong year of growth and maturation. We will touch on just a few of the highlights expanded on in other parts of the report, including the appointment of Dr. Jacques Lee as our first Research Chair. Jacques is an experienced and productive researcher who should flourish with the Chair and other SREMI resources available to him – congratulations and welcome to Jacques. EM Cases continues to expand its offerings and its global reach under the amazing leadership of Dr. Anton Helman. Anton is currently reviewing a proposal to translate EM Cases content into Swedish to fill a void of similar content for the Swedish EM community, just one example of the truly global impact of EM Cases.

SREMI is taking a leadership role in the evaluation of the unique implementation of “eCTAS” across Ontario EDs; the first of what will be many papers evaluating the application recently appeared in Annals of Emergency Medicine, congratulations to lead author Shelley McLeod. In terms of SREMI research, overall the number of grants, publications and presentations continues to grow.

As part of a broader collaboration between Sinai Health System and the state of Israel, SREMI will welcome two Fellows from Israel January 1st 2020. We hope these Fellows and the collaboration with Israel will add further international impact and establish lasting relationships.

Dr. Paul Hannam has succeeded Dr. Kuldeep Sidhu as the Chief of the ED at our North York site. We wish to thank Kuldeep for his many contributions to SREMI and welcome Paul who will be a great partner. We are excited about this year’s “EDAC” which includes a day focused on quality and safety. Paul was an active member of our planning committee this year, and many members of our IAB will again be featured as speakers. We are especially excited about our day one plenary from Dr. Kristin Blakely who is uniquely both a financial supporter of SREMI and a research collaborator.

Dr. Blakely will be speaking on issues in early pregnancy loss, a topic that SREMI is also showing provincial leadership on. This topic has been a model of collaboration between our North York and Sinai sites, including joint applications for grants and data collection from both sites where slightly different models of care are in place.

Wishing you all a successful IAB meeting and pleasant stay in Toronto, many thanks to you, and to our colleagues, hospitals and donors for your continued contributions to SREMI. 

Respectfully submitted,

Howard Ovens MD, FCFP (EM)        Kevin Katz MD, CM, MSc, FRCPC
Mount Sinai Hospital                         North York General Hospital