Recent Publications

Below is a list of recent publications by members of the SREMI team:

  1. Villa-Roel C, Borgundvaag B, Majumdar SR, Emond M, Campbell S, Sivilotti M, Abu-Laban RB, Stiell IG, Aaron SD, Senthilselvan A, Rowe BH; AIR Investigators. Reasons and outcomes for patients receiving ICS/LABA agents prior to, and one month after, emergency department presentations for acute asthma. J Asthma. 2018;12:1-10.  
  2. Hawrylyshyn K, McLeod SL, Thomas J, Varner C. Methotrexate for the treatment of unruptured tubal ectopic pregnancy. CJEM. 2018;8:1-4. 
  3. Brignardello-Petersen R, Murad MH, Walter SD, McLeod S, Carrasco-Labra A, Rochwerg B, Schünemann HJ, Tomlinson G, Guyatt GH; GRADE working group. GRADE approach to rate the certainty from a network meta-analysis: Avoiding spurious judgments of imprecision in sparse networks. J Clin Epidemiol. 2018; Sep 22. pii: S0895-4356(18)30497-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jclinepi.2018.08.022.[Epub ahead of print] 
  4. Thompson C, Brienza VJM, Sandre A, Caine S, Borgundvaag B, McLeod S. Risk factors associated with acute in-hospital delirium for patients diagnosed with a hip fracture in the emergency department. CJEM. 2018;11:1-9.  
  5. Grewal K, Austin PC, Kapral MK, Lu H, Atzema CL. The impact of opioid medications on subsequent fractures in discharged emergency department patients with peripheral vertigo. CJEM. 2018;20(1):28-35. 
  6. Huang S, Martin LJ, Yeh CH, Chin A, Murray H, Sanderson WB, Mohindra R, Chan TM, Thoma B. The effect of an infographic promotion on research dissemination and readership: A randomized controlled trial. CJEM. 2018; 5:1-8.  
  7. Tillmann BW, Klingel ML, McLeod SL, Anderson S, Haddara W, Parry NG. The impact of delayed critical care outreach team activation on in-hospital mortality and other patient outcomes: a historical cohort study. Can J Anaesth. 2018;65(11):1210-1217. 
  8. Melady D. Geriatric emergency medicine: Research priorities to respond to “The Silver Boom”. CJEM. 2018;20(3):327-328.  
  9. Melady D, Perry A. Ten Best Practices for the Older Patient in the Emergency Department. Clin Geriatr Med. 2018;34(3):313-326. 
  10. Arbel Y, Ko DT, Yan AT, Cantor WJ, Bagai A, Koh M, Eberg M, Tan M, Fitchett D, Borgundvaag B, Ducas J, Heffernan M, Morrison LJ, Langer A, Dzavik V, Mehta SR, Goodman SG; TRANSFER-AMI Trial Investigators. Long-term Follow-up of the Trial of Routine Angioplasty and Stenting After Fibrinolysis to Enhance Reperfusion in Acute Myocardial Infarction (TRANSFER-AMI). Can J Cardiol. 2018;34(6):736-743. 
  11. Grewal K, Luckett-Gatopoulos S, Renny M, Ann Howland M, Su MK. Comment on ‘Iron overdose epidemiology, clinical features and iron concentration-effect relationships: the UK experience 2008-2017’. Clin Toxicol (Phila). 2018 Aug 1:1. doi: 10.1080/15563650.2018.1492723.[Epub ahead of print] 
  12. Perry A, Macias Tejada J, Melady D. An Approach to the Older Patient in the Emergency Department. Clin Geriatr Med. 2018;34(3):299-311.  
  13. Archambault PM, McGavin C, Dainty KN, McLeod SL, Vaillancourt C, Lee JS, Perry JJ, Gauvin FP, Boivin A. Recommendations for patient engagement in patient-oriented emergency medicine research. CJEM. 2018;20(3):435-442. 
  14. Clinkard D, Stiell I, Lang E, Rose S, Clement C, Brison R, Rowe BH, Borgundvaag B, Langhan T, Magee K, Stenstrom R, Perry JJ, Birnie D, Wells G, McRae A. Between- and within-site variation in medication choices and adverse events during procedural sedation for electrical cardioversion of atrial fibrillation and flutter. CJEM. 2018;20(3):370-376. 
  15. Ellis B, Carpenter C, Lowthian J, Mooijaart S, Nickel C, Melady D. Statement on Minimum Standards for the Care of Older People in Emergency Departments by the Geriatric Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine. CJEM. 2018;20(3):368-369. 
  16. Argintaru N, Quinn KL, Chartier LB, Lee J, Hannam P, O’Connor E, Steinberg L, Ovens H, McGowan M, Vaillancourt S. Perceived barriers and facilitators to goals of care discussions in the emergency department: A descriptive analysis of the views of emergency medicine physicians and residents. CJEM. 2018 May 8:1-8. 
  17. Parashar R, McLeod S, Melady D. Discrepancy between information provided and information required by emergency physicians for long-term care patients. CJEM. 2018;20(3):362-367. 
  18. Borgundvaag B, McLeod S, Khuu W, Varner C, Tadrous M, Gomes T. Opioid prescribing and adverse events in opioid-naive patients treated by emergency physicians versus family physicians: a population-based cohort study. CMAJ Open. 2018;6(1):E110-E117. 
  19. Hawrylyshyn K, McLeod SL, Thomas J, Varner C. Ectopic pregnancy outcomes in patients discharged from the emergency department. CJEM. 2018;4:1-4. 
  20. Poon E, Self L, McLeod SL, Caine S, Borgundvaag B. Uncomplicated urinary tract infections in the emergency department: a review of local practice patterns. CJEM. 2018;20(4):572-577.
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  22. Claret PG, Calder LA, Stiell IG, Yan JW, Clement CM, Borgundvaag B, Forster AJ, Perry JJ, Rowe BH. Rates and predictive factors of return to the emergency department following an initial release by the emergency department for acute heart failure. CJEM. 2018;20(2):222-229. 
  23. Gravel J, LeBlanc C, Varner C. Management of priapism with a trial of exercise in the emergency department. CJEM. 2018;16:1-4. 
  24. Ovens H. Model of payment should not be the key concern when it comes to emergency department physicians’ remuneration. CJEM. 2018;20(2):158-159. 
  25. Thoma B, Murray H, Huang SYM, Milne WK, Martin LJ, Bond CM, Mohindra R, Chin A, Yeh CH, Sanderson WB, Chan TM. The impact of social media promotion with infographics and podcasts on research dissemination and readership. CJEM. 2018;20(2):300-306.
  26. Brousseau AA, Dent E, Hubbard R, Melady D, Émond M, Mercier É, Costa AP; Multinational Emergency Department Study. Identification of older adults with frailty in the emergency department using a frailty index: results from a multinational study. Age Ageing. 2018;47(2):242-248. 
  27. Vermandere M, Aertgeerts B, Agoritsas T, Liu C, Burgers J, Merglen A, Okwen PM, Lytvyn L, Chua S, Vandvik PO, Guyatt GH, Beltran-Arroyave C, Lavergne V, Speeckaert R, Steen FE, Arteaga V, Sender R, McLeod S, Sun X, Wang W, Siemieniuk RAC. Antibiotics after incision and drainage for uncomplicated skin abscesses: a clinical practice guideline. BMJ. 2018 Feb 6;360:k243. 
  28. Varner C, Carpenter CR. Ibuprofen + acetaminophen did not differ from opioids + acetaminophen for reducing acute extremity pain at 2 h. Ann Intern Med. 2018;168(4):JC21. 
  29. Varner C, McLeod S, Nahiddi N, Borgundvaag B. Text messaging research participants as a follow-up strategy to decrease emergency department study attrition. CJEM. 2018;20(1):148-153.  
  30. Lacroix L, Thurgur L, Orkin AM, Perry JJ, Stiell IG. Emergency physicians’ attitudes and perceived barriers to the implementation of take-home naloxone programs in Canadian emergency departments. CJEM. 2018;20(1):46-52. 
  31. Orkin A, Ovens H, McLeod S, Varner C, Melady D, Thompson C, Penciner R, Sidhu K, Dushenski D, Borgundvaag B. Letter in Response to: “CJEM Debate Series: #Social Media – Social media has created Emergency Medicine Celebrities Who Now Influence Practice More Than Published Evidence”. CJEM. 2018 1-1 doi:10.1017/cem.2017.436.
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  36. Wang JJ, Mohindra R, Milne K, Crocco A, Bond C. SGEM Hot Off the Press: Management of bronchiolitis in community hospitals. CJEM. 2017;19(6):475-479.