SREMI Summer Student Report


is a 2nd year medical student from Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University. Working with Dr. Catherine Varner, Shelley McLeod and Cam Thompson, Julia conducted a survey of family physicians working in urban and non-urban Family Health Teams throughout Ontario to collect information about the accessibility of resources and services for managing early pregnancy complications in these practices. In particular, the survey focused on factors influencing the referral of such cases to local emergency departments. Results of this study will provide insight into the varying considerations in early pregnancy care in communities of differing size and remoteness. Julia hopes to present these research findings at CAEP 2020 in Ottawa.


This summer, Conor Sheridan, a 2nd year medical student from the University of Toronto joined the SREMI team as part of a Comprehensive Research Experience for Medical Students (CREMS) project. Under the supervision of Dr. Keerat Grewal, Conor was responsible for identifying head injured patients based on CEDIS chief complaints and confirming ICD-10 codes for traumatic intracranial hemorrhage as a component of a larger study: Intracranial Bleeding after head injury among anticoagulated elderly patients seen in the Emergency Department (IBleed-ED). Additionally, in collaboration with Shelley McLeod, Cam Thompson, Dr. Bjug Borgundvaag, and Dr. Grewal, Conor led a study characterizing the ED management of 638 patients with acute pharyngitis over a 2 year period. Higher Centor scores were associated with increased risk of Group A Streptococcus infection, increased antibiotic prescribing and use of corticosteroids. Conor aims to present these findings at CAEP 2020.


This summer, Darby Little, a 2nd year medical student from the University of Toronto, assisted with several SREMI research projects related to the management of early pregnancy complications in the emergency department (ED) under the supervision of Dr. Catherine Varner. One study, partnering with Dr. Katie Dainty and Bianca Seaton at North York General Hospital, investigated the experiences and perceptions of care of women seeking care for early pregnancy loss in the North York Early Pregnancy Clinic through qualitative interviews. Darby was also involved in a project investigating the ED management and outcomes for women presenting to the ED with complications of early pregnancy. Darby thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to participate in early pregnancy complication research and is looking forward to developing manuscripts and presenting the findings of these studies at CAEP 2020 in Ottawa.