Message from the Executive Liaison Committee

Dr. Howard Ovens (Mount Sinai Hospital) and Dr. Kuldeep Sidhu (North York General Hospital)

The Schwartz/Reisman Emergency Medicine Institute, established in November 2013 by a founding gift from our patrons, Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman is a partnership of Mount Sinai Hospital (now part of the Sinai Health System) and North York General Hospital and our Departments of Emergency Medicine in Toronto. Our vision is to advance the discipline of emergency medicine through the development of new knowledge (research) and translating that knowledge into practice (knowledge translation) as well as advocating for system improvement through better public policy.

We held our first International Advisory Board meeting in November 2015 and it’s been a busy and productive year that has passed quickly! On the recommendation of the IAB and our Chair, Dr. Brian Rowe, one of the highlights was the reappointment of our inaugural director, Dr. Bjug Borgundvaag, for a 5-year term. In January, we hosted a visit from colleagues from the Mayo Clinic to explore the possibility of creating a collaborative emergency medicine research network and we also held a very successful SREMI staff retreat in February. In conjunction with the IAB meeting last November, we hosted a very stimulating 2-day international leadership conference, Day 1 focused on ED leadership and Day 2 focussed on creating “senior friendly” EDs. Many of our IAB members spoke and participated in the meetings. This year, we have partnered with the Ontario Hospital Association in hosting another 2-day leadership summit immediately following our IAB meeting, with Day 2 focusing on Mental Health and Addictions issues. One of us (Howard) also was the guest of IAB member Dr. Chris Carpenter as a visiting professor at the Department of Emergency Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis.

This has been a busy and successful year including the appointment of two new research chairs based at North York, the appointment of new Fellows based at Mount Sinai, including Canada’s first Fellow in Geriatric Emergency Medicine, as well as details of publications, grants, abstracts, and the stunning impact statistics from our “FOAMed” initiative (Free Online Access to Medical Education) “Emergency Medicine Cases” – literally millions of global downloads (and a sold-out, in-person course in January, to be repeated this winter – also ALREADY sold out).

In response to challenges and advice from our IAB meeting last year, under the leadership of our Director, Bjug and our Research Director, Shelley McLeod, SREMI has developed an exciting Strategic Plan to focus our efforts going forward and continue the stunning growth and impact we have had already. Of course, all of this is only possible through the gracious support of our colleagues, hospitals and donors.

Howard and Kuldeep

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